How to Maximise the Resources and Opportunities at University

a month ago


With all the support and resources available to you at university, we understand if you’re anxious about missing out on something important or an opportunity that would have been perfect for you.

That’s why this post will guide you through what university has to offer and how you can make the most of this exciting new stage of your life.

1.Find out if you’re eligible for scholarships.

University is a large financial commitment, especially if you’re planning to move out. Scholarships are there to help ease the burden on your wallet by covering some of your tuition fees, accommodation costs and more. With more than 3,000 scholarships available to Australian tertiary students, you are bound to find one that you’re eligible for.

Every Australian university has a dedicated scholarship page on their website where you can filter through results and find the scholarships that apply to you. The government also offers financial assistance and support for students depending on various socioeconomic factors to help make university accessible to all.


2. Research study abroad opportunities.

Studying abroad is a great way to travel, develop your cross-cultural communication skills and learn about different cultures; skills that look great on your resume. Each university has a range of semester-long and short-term programs available along with financial aid to help make travel accessible to all students.

Many universities have also created virtual study abroad programs for students to learn in an online international setting and collaborate with people from other countries since travel is limited. While it’s not the same as being in-country, it’s definitely a more affordable alternative.

3. Seek out your university’s career advisors.

Each university has a department dedicated to running workshops for students on how to write a cover letter, networking at professional events and more. They are important skills to have not only after graduation but also during your degree as you look for work.

The career advisors there can also help practice your interview skills, give feedback on your resume and help you develop your career plan so that you know which direction you want to go in the future as that can help you stay motivated throughout your degree.


4. Do an internship - or a few - during your degree.

Internships are short-term placements where you get to practice using the knowledge and skills you’ve developed in a real work environment which helps you become more employable after graduation. Completing an internship may already be a requirement or an option for you to do as part of your degree or you can choose to do one in your own time.

You can also choose to have your internship sourced by your university or to source your own internship by applying directly to an organisation. Either way, employers are always looking for graduates with experience and internships are the best way to help you develop that.

5. Volunteer and join some clubs or societies.

There may be a lot to take on board at university but it’s not all about becoming more employable, it’s also creating memories and living life without any regrets. That’s why volunteering at university or joining clubs and societies can be a great way to meet like-minded people, forge lifelong friendships and give back to your community.

The experience you get through volunteering with an organisation -- like RESN -- or being in a club or society can be as valuable as any experience you gain during an internship. And with so many groups, events and activities on offer at university, you will find a circle of people you really connect with while also getting closer to finding that dream job.

The many opportunities on offer at university can be overwhelming and sometimes university isn’t for everyone but it’s definitely a chance to try some exciting new things.

Remember to take care of yourself and we hope you’re excited to see where university can take you!

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