How to Stay On Top of Your Studies During the School Holidays

a month ago


The school holidays are here and it's the perfect time to relax after such a busy term. Believe us, you absolutely deserve it. However, this break is also a great opportunity to start the next term prepared for what lies ahead. Here’s how you can do just that:

1. Plan and split up your work across the school break.

If you’ve got a couple assessments or exams sneaking up when the term starts but you really want to enjoy your holidays, plan your work out across the break. It can help you feel way more in control and on top of things. Allocate certains times or days that you’ll dedicate to getting your work done, like setting out a couple hours in the morning to work on your essay before heading out with friends. This way you can enjoy your time off stress free without falling behind on any important work!


2. Create a study group.

Working with friends can be a great way to stay motivated and keep up the pace over the break. Study groups are fantastic as they help keep you accountable, give you a chance to work on tricky subjects together, and can even make studying fun! (Sounds crazy, we know!) Planning to meet up a couple times over the break online or at the library will definitely ease your study guilt and give you a solid chunk of time to focus on your studies.

3. Start doing practice exam questions about last term’s area of study.

When you have a bit of time off from school and you’re not being swapped with new content that is the best time to go over everything you’ve been learning over the last term. Try out some practise exam questions over the break focusing on last term’s content to test your knowledge. This way, if you’re feeling tripped up by anything, you’ll be able to check in with your teacher straight away before you start having to really focus on the next English text or maths question!


4. Make a calendar of your assessments for next term or next semester.

Organisation is key to managing your time well and more often than not, your teachers or school curriculum will already have planned your assessments in advance. It’s good to organise them on your own separate monthly calendar so that you can know ahead of time which weeks will be busy with assessment and therefore you can start preparing for them. If you don’t know when your assessments will be, you can ask your teachers and they should be able to give you a rough timeline and that’s better than nothing, right?

All in all, don’t forget to relax, indulge in a bit of self-care and have a good time during this break especially considering how busy the school year can be. Besides, you can’t do your best if you don’t give yourself some rest. So believe in yourselves like we here at RESN believe in you!

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