Moving out and managing independence: our top tips

2 months ago

Moving out and managing independence: our top tips

So you’re finally done with school after 13 long years and it's’ time to take the next step into your future. After years of (lovingly) nagging parents and repetitive school days, you might be feeling ready to take a leap of faith into a completely new environment and start this next phase somewhere different!
Whatever reason your flight from the nest may be and though it’s definitely exciting, it can also be a little intimidating too. Here are some handy tips we’ve pulled together to help you feel a little more ready to take on life independently!

Step up your organisation

We all know it can certainly be a challenge at first, but one of the main things to focus on improving when living out of home is your organisation! Whether it be financial, like keeping tabs of your spending, or just staying on top of your schedule, keeping your life organised can help make your transition into independence all the easier.

Small things like keeping a planner to remind you of daily tasks or to note down spending can be a super effective and helpful way to ensure that you don’t end up having to call your mum in a total panic (though we can all admit that's a right of passage!)

Look into financial aid

If you’re looking to attend university away from home, there are tonnes of options out the surrounding student accommodation. These various accommodations come at a range of different prices, with many offering bursaries and scholarships should you need them! The government also offers relocation scholarships which are perfect from students coming from rural areas. Read into it here to get some more info if this sounds like something you could be interested in.

Find your routine

Establishing a good routine is the best way to get you feeling settled and secure in a new place and truly in control of your daunting newfound independence. We at RESN have a bunch of tips to get you feeling ready and on top of your game when starting uni.

When heading to a new place, especially for uni, it can feel a little stressful thinking about getting a job on top of your academic workload and just the general intensity of being in a new place. However, there are lots of super chill and flexible roles you can take on if you need. Finding a job can also be a great way to meet more people from the new place you’re in!

Thinking of heading home?

Do you see yourself missing home cooked meals and wanting to head back every other weekend? In that case, it’s good to consider travel times and costs to make sure you're not suddenly desperate to pop home and find it’ll cost you a month's pay! Explore the university options around you and make sure to look into the distance from home…just in case you need a break from eating 2-minute noodles!

Have fun!

Breaking away from the familiarity of home life and setting out on your own can be both incredibly exciting…and a little terrifying! These first few years out of high school are some of the best of your life, so make the most of it!
Hopefully with these few handy tips from us over at RESN, you’ll be feeling a little more prepared for this next step. Good luck!

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