What to Do if Uni isn't for You

a year ago

So you’ve finally finished year 12...you’re exhausted and looking forward to a well-deserved break before you have to worry about what you’re going to do next year.

A lot of the dialogue surrounding post-school options focuses on university, but in reality, lots of people feel that path isn’t the right one. Maybe you can’t imagine spending another chunk of your life studying or would rather getting started in the workforce ASAP - either way, we know the feeling!

We at RESN know that a whole bunch of school leavers are looking for options elsewhere outside of uni, and there are tonnes out there to explore. Here are a couple options, other than university, to get you thinking about your future after high school!


Completing an apprenticeship in the years after school can be a fantastic option. It can get you into your chosen career with a super hands-on approach, learning everything on the job.

Being able to earn money while you learn is a great bonus as you get involved in your chosen industry. In the long run, doing an apprenticeship can be heaps more cost effective than uni too, which is why a lot of people are opting for this option instead.

There are heaps of online resources to get you going and into a career that you love , so enjoy exploring all the different apprenticeships out there!

Short Courses

If you don’t feel ready to commit to a three or four-year degree at uni, opting for a short course might be the way for you! It will give you a taste of an exciting career or let you explore a hobby that you’re interested in pursuing further.

Short courses are super flexible, enabling you to do them at your own pace and even online if getting to campus is a bit of a struggle.

TAFE courses are largely inexpensive options that have a huge range of courses you can try out to find out what you like. They’re also a great way to gain experience and contacts to get you set up for your future!

Straight into the Workforce

After leaving school, you might be itching to get into the workforce as soon as possible.

There are tonnes of entry level jobs out there that require minimal experience and getting into the industry as soon as you can be a fantastic option, helping you to advance quicker whilst earning money.

A good portion of employers actually prefer practical and relevant experience over university degrees, so getting out into the workforce sooner rather than later can really pay off and kickstart your career.


Time Off

Sometimes when you’re finding it hard to decide what your next step should be, taking a proper break can be a great way to reset.

Gap years are becoming more and more popular as they give us the time to explore and travel whilst gaining invaluable perspective and experience. Thousands of school leavers testify to the value of taking a proper break before launching into their future.

Whether you spend a couple months working in a fun part-time job before jetting off somewhere amazing or choose to work somewhere totally out of your comfort zone, like a new city or country, a gap year can be exactly what you need if you’re feeling unsure of what to do next.

Obviously, the recent pandemic has changed a few things in terms of travelling, but don’t forget about all that Australia has to offer!


Knowing what path to take after school can be really daunting, with so many great options out there making it hard to choose.

Whether you opt for university or something a little more off the beaten track, we at RESN are sure that you’ll be successful in whatever you decide.

Don’t hesitate to submit a question to us about university, gap years, or other options - we’ve always got someone on the team who’s done it!

Don’t forget - everyone is on their own timeline, and the important thing is finding a path that you’re passionate about. Good luck!

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