We are here to support young Australians in rural and regional communities

It costs just $34 per student* to provide our suite of services. Your donations make this possible.

A donation of any amount is highly appreciated and enables RESN to continue to provide educational support to regional and rural students across Australia.

*This is subject to change. Due to the replicable and highly scalable nature of all of our services, the more students we get, the less it costs to support each student.


With your donations, we are able to:

  • Visit more schools at a time when face-to-face experiences have never been more valuable
  • Deliver more seminars that improve student aspirations
  • Continue to provide resources and workshops free-of-charge to students and schools
  • Introduce our services to more students across Australia through media and marketing
  • Engage our volunteers effectively


RESN has been tutoring and mentoring Australian high school students since 2018. Your generosity provides these students with the skills and resources to take control of their futures.

If you wish to donate, please contact us at [email protected].