At RESN we answer students' coursework and university questions online; hold virtual, live, tutoring sessions; provide study resources and practice questions; and deliver live seminars at schools to raise students' aspirations - all for free.



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  • "RESN is a forward-thinking, accessible platform bridging the paucity of such resources in regional areas - and a way in which my contributions as a tutor are clearly evident as I can engage with each student and their question directly. It is a really rewarding experience being a tutor with RESN! :)"

    Michelle Xin

  • "An education is an asset which sets you up for life- this is why it is of utmost importance that all students get a comprehensive and fair education in Australia. Being rural for a year and working in a primary school I could see first hand this was not the case - something needed to be done to even the playing feel, and this is why I wanted to tutor for RESN."

    Evan Kumarakurusingham

  • "I was looking for an opportunity to improve my teaching and communication skills and when RESN presented itself it seemed like the perfect chance to self-improve while also allowing others to have some of the advantages that I was privileged with in my time in high school. I learnt a lot from those last few years of education and I love helping people navigate one of the most stressful periods of the lives a bit more smoothly."

    Max Alder

  • "I tutor for RESN because I believe in the power of education, and in particular, tutoring. My VCE tutor taught me not only content, but how to love my subjects!"

    Megan Liew

  • "I didn't realise how enjoyable and rewarding it would be to answer some questions and pass on my knowledge to students who need it - I've had an awesome experience with RESN."

    Ben Slavec