At RESN we answer students’ coursework and university questions online; hold virtual, live, tutoring sessions; provide study resources and practice questions; and deliver live seminars at schools to raise students’ aspirations - all for free.

Our question-and-answer service, provides students with the opportunity to submit anything from maths problems and English essays to questions about study tips and university advice. Our guarantee to students is that an answer is provided within 24 hours, because RESN understands the value of timely assistance.

A platform which combines the two services of Quizzes and Wiki, RESN Learn is a place for all students to preview, learn, and revise syllabus content. With a comprehensive database of articles and practice questions that is constantly being updated and improved, RESN Learn bridges the gap in available resources between metropolitan and rural areas.

RESN Live involves face-to-face group tutoring sessions held live over video conference calls. Sessions are dedicated to specific subjects, with knowledgeable and experienced tutors for each subject conducting an interactive session with both revision of key knowledge points and responses to questions from students.

The RESN Seminar is our primary method of engaging with students, by offering a seminar about aspirations and expectations to all schools, free- of-charge. The 45-minute presentation aims to inspire students to aim high in their futures, rather than being limited to what they expect to occur. This program is delivered by trained presenters through an engaging online format in purpose-built studios.

While attending revision workshops are an integral part of metropolitan senior students’ preparation for exams, for many regional students, it is an inaccessible service which widens the divide between students in different locations. RESN provides revision workshops at the end of the year, accompanied by original worksheets to facilitate optimal learning.



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"RESN is a forward-thinking, accessible platform bridging the paucity of such resources in regional areas - and a way in which my contributions as a tutor are clearly evident as I can engage with each student and their question directly. It is a really rewarding experience being a tutor with RESN! :)"

Michelle Xin