As part of our services, RESN offers free, online seminars on aspirations and achievement to Years 10, 11 and 12 regional and rural students. These are presented by our highly trained team of presenters whose profession is teaching English to overseas students through engaging online lessons in purpose-built studios. The seminar is targeted at raising the aspirations of senior regional and rural students and we have worked with a number of educators, including past members of the Department of Education, to develop this presentation.

At RESN, we understand that raising the aspirations of regional and rural students is a significant and ongoing challenge. We are in a unique position as a support network of young students who have recently finished high school, including many from regional and rural backgrounds, and have shared your students' experiences. Within this context, we have created a seminar that inspires students to aim higher. By also providing information about our various other services, we not only invite students to dream big, but give them access to a network of information and guidance that can propel them towards their goals.

Seminar Content

The seminar runs for 45 minutes and has three key sections:

  • We first explain the difference between aspiration and expectations, encouraging students to recognise the value of actively aspiring towards their goals, rather than passively awaiting their futures.
  • We then describe how these goals can be achieved, which includes the completion of school and the consideration of tertiary education.
  • Finally, we outline the services that RESN offers to support students to achieve their goals, such as our free online tutoring and various study resources.

The seminar is available any time between 9am and 5pm on any school day - we are very flexible with timing. (Note: please book minimum 3 weeks in advance).