"I asked a chemistry question and they got back to me within 12 hours and it was really clear what I need to do and where I was going wrong"

Seymour College Student


RESN was designed to benefit students, our volunteer tutors, regional schools and parents.

RESN aims to support students by:

1. Providing explanations to tricky questions and concepts within 24 hours
2. Reviewing of essays by a second set of highly skilled eyes within 24 hours
3. Opportunities for students to ask questions about exam preparation and university life
4. Presentations by the RESN team at your school on study tips and tricks and how to survive Year 12

RESN aims to support teachers by:

1. Promoting a culture of learning amongst students. This not only increases academic performance, but also improves the classroom environment
2. Lightening the load for teachers by providing in-depth help and support for all students outside of the classroom

RESN aims to support parents by:

1. Providing valuable support to their children without the expensive tutoring costs or long hours of driving to attend one-off lectures in the city


RESN Tutoring

The RESN tutoring service is entirely online, making it both accessible and easy to use. We provide support in a wide variety of subjects, covering over 20 of the most popular subjects in VCE, HSC and QCE. This includes all three English subjects, all three Maths subjects, the Sciences, Commerce, many Humanities courses, and even some Languages.

Students create an account where they can submit as many questions or essays as they like. We will get back to students with a worked solution or feedback on their essay within 24 hours! They can also ask follow-up questions to responses they receive.

RESN Seminars

RESN also provide a seminar on ‘study tips and tricks to survive Year 12’ for regional students. Being recent past students ourselves, we understand just how hard it can be to stay on top of Year 12, stay healthy and balance all our other commitments. Everyone learns differently and has their own study method that works for them - our high-achieving students will present what worked and didn’t work for them.


At RESN, safety is our number one priority. As a minimum requirement, we require all tutors and team members to have a valid Working With Children’s Check (WWCC). To see exactly how our processes work and the safety measures we have undertaken to protect our students, please click the adjacent link.


To give your students access to our free tutoring service, register your school. Once registered, you can request for RESN to visit your school to present to your students.

You may also create an account to view your school's students using RESN, the questions they ask, blocking access to tutoring during SACs, and much more!


We are always looking to expand our services to more schools. To give your students access to our free tutoring service, please register your school.