RESN is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to empower regional students to take control of their future through our educational network of schools, tutors and communities. It was founded in 2018 by a team of university students who recognised a problem – a severe lack of out-of-school academic assistance available to regional students.

A major part of our solution is our fully online, free tutoring service accessible to all regional and rural students in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. We offer support for over 25 VCE/HSC/QCE subjects through a question-and-answer system, guaranteeing answers within 24 hours.

As a RESN tutor, you will join a diverse team of over 250 tutors from across Australia. You will be at the forefront of providing educational support that travels further than the boundaries of greater Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane.



A RESN tutor will be a recent school-leaver who:

- For VCE, received a 40+ study score in one or more subjects; or
- For HSC, achieved Band 6 in one or more subjects; or
- For QCE, achieved an A in one or more subjects; and
- Has just one spare hour a week to help us even up the academic playing field across Australia.

You don’t need previous tutoring experience, and you don’t need to give up hours of your time! Some exceptions in study scores are permitted if you have tutoring experience or are studying related subjects at university – if this might be you, please email

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Your tasks as a RESN tutor will involve answering questions at scheduled times and reviewing other tutors’ responses. We have 14 tutoring sessions available per week (10am-5pm and 5pm-12am every day). If you assign yourself to a session, you have one goal – to ensure that that no questions hit the 24-hour mark under your watch (but also don’t dump it all on the next tutor!).

We have two levels of tutoring roles available – Senior and Casual. Senior tutors are required to tutor for a minimum two sessions per week, while Casual tutors are required to tutor for a minimum one session per week. You will need to be available for about one hour during the scheduled time. These times don’t have to be the same every week, and you’re free to do three sessions one week and one session the next. Your main contact will be your Coordinators for each subject, who’ll be in touch via our system.

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Answering and reviewing questions is all done on our online portal, which is easy to use! Our online portal is a purpose-built platform for students to ask questions and tutors to answer and review them. We also have other special features, including an in-built messaging system for tutors so we can share important updates and alert you about urgent questions. As a result, we encourage you to set up mobile notifications for your emails and check them regularly.

Safety is our number one priority – for both students and tutors. Only first names of students and tutors are visible when answering a question, and your phone number and email will only be accessible by three Admins – not even your Subject Coordinators! We also have a Safety Protocol that you will need to read and acknowledge before tutoring for RESN.

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"RESN is a forward-thinking, accessible platform bridging the paucity of such resources in regional areas - and a way in which my contributions as a tutor are clearly evident as I can engage with each student and their question directly. It is a really rewarding experience being a tutor with RESN! :)"

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