As a RESN volunteer, you will join a diverse team of over 500 enthuasiatic and talented people from across Australia. You will be at the forefront of providing educational support that reaches beyond Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.
The benefits of volunteering with RESN include:
  • Making real change to the lives of regional and rural students
  • Meeting and working with like-minded individuals from universities across Australia
  • Joining the fun and inclusive social community of RESN volunteers
  • Adding value to your CV
  • Enhancing your employability by putting a wide range skills in practice
  • Giving back to the community in a rewarding and enjoyable way


What is involved?

We ask for a commitment of 1-2 hours weekly as a RESN tutor. You will be alerted in real-time as students ask questions through the RESN Help service, and will be called upon to support students in your favourite subjects. You will also have the opportunity to contribute to RESN Learn resources, tutor small groups through RESN Live, and present revision workshops!
To read more about these services, visit the Our Services page.


A RESN tutor will be a school-leaver who:
  • Completed the VCE, HSC or an equivalent certificate;
  • Received a 40+ study score (VCE), Band 6 (HSC), or equivalently high scores in one or more subjects; and
  • Has at least one hour per week to contribute to RESN's mission of empowering regional students.
You don't need tutoring experience, and you don't need to give up hours of your time!
Some exceptions to the minimum score requirements are permitted for those who have taught or tutored VCE/HSC/QCE subjects or have studied them further at university.
If this might be you, please include the necessary information in the 'Experience' section of the application form.


What is involved?

Want to volunteer with RESN but tutoring is not your thing?
As a RESN staff volunteer, you can join an exciting, young and passionate team in a huge range of roles. Across our six portfolios of Business Development, Education, Marketing & Communications, Outreach, Volunteering, and Technology there's a role that is waiting for you!
Whether you are a doer or a thinker, a creator or an implementer, we'd love for your to join our team. Click on the button below to see our currently available roles!
Don't see an open role that you're interested in? Email us at and let us know how you'd like to get involved!