"To empower regional students to take control of their future through our educational network of schools, tutors and communities."

This is achieved by:

  • Delivering high quality academic support, through innovative online methods intended to minimise the disparity between metropolitan and regional/rural students.
  • Empowering each regional and rural student to explore various future pathways, including, but not limited to, tertiary education at university level and TAFE.
  • Engaging regional/rural communities and students to become stakeholders in RESN as both participants and decision-makers.
  • Remaining free for students to reflect our belief that neither cost nor distance should be barriers to education.


RESN was created to solve a problem

When our founders started university, they met a variety of people from across Australia and quickly realised the immense disparity between educational opportunities around the country.

At its simplest, metropolitan students often have a support network of teachers, tutors and unlimited access to additional study resources. By comparison, insufficient funding often inhibits access to practice exams and other materials for students in regional and rural areas. This lack of resources is compounded by a smaller pool of teachers to turn to for support, as well as a distinct absence of a reliable tutoring network.

In 2018, they set out to try and solve this problem. The rest is history.





Our model is simple. There are thousands of university students across Australia willing to volunteer an hour or two each week to tutor, mentor and support regional and rural students. We connect these tutors to thousands of regional and rural students.

This model is scalable nationwide. There are university students around Australia available to support regional and rural students. Best of all, these regional and rural students will become the tutors of tomorrow. Through this cycle of positive reinforcement, regional and rural students will build an enduring entity.