Our Mission

"To empower regional students to take control of their future through our educational network of schools, tutors and communities."

Who We Are

Regional Education Support Network (RESN) is a not-for-profit student network that offers rural and regional students free educational support, such as tutoring, mentoring, and access to study resources. We currently provide 1,400 students in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria with our full suite of academic support services.

Meet The Team
  • Aidan


  • Ross


  • Bethany


  • Lachlan


  • Lachie


  • Lani


  • Rachel


  • Nicola


  • Zoe


  • Mirella


Our Services

Specifically, we answer students' coursework and university questions online; hold virtual, live, tutoring sessions; provide study resources and practice questions; and deliver live seminars at schools to raise students' aspirations - all for free.

Schools We Support

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Our Partners

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Our estimates show that it costs just $34 per student to provide our suite of services. Your donations make this possible.

A donation of any amount is highly appreciated and enables RESN to continue to provide educational support to regional and rural students across Australia.

This is subject to change. Due to the replicable and highly scalable nature of all of our services, the more students we get, the less it costs to support each student.

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