VCE Tutors

The RESN VCE Team consists of passionate graduates who aim to improve the experience of regional and rural students across Australia. To learn more about some of our team, click on a photo!

I grew up on a NE Victorian farm, but spent high school in a Melbourne boarding school. I reached my goal to study Arts/Law at Monash— then realised one day in that I actually had no desire to pursue law! So I took an impromptu gap year. I tutor English, have a job in an archive & work in an urban beekeeping business. This year I will study a Bachelor's of Secondary Education, majoring in English.
I completed VCE in 2019 and am currently studying Biomedicine at the university of Melbourne and hope to become a doctor in the future. I enjoy cooking and reading! I've decided to join RESN because I have a lot of experience with tutoring and want to help all students achieve their best and be proud of themselves!
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I graduated high school in 2019 with an ATAR of 98.55. I currently am studying my first year of biomedical science at Monash university and aspire to one day work in a clinical setting in healthcare. Throughout high school and at university I continue to study Indonesian, which has been a passion of mine. I thoroughly enjoy learning the language and love visiting the country.
Hey there! I'm a first-year student at Monash University studying a Double Bachelor of Science and Arts. I enjoy pretty much any hobby I can get my hands on, and I've definitely learnt my fair share of instruments and languages in the process! I have a passion for teaching and helping others where I can and RESN really combines the best of both worlds.
Hi! My name is Audrey, I’m currently doing my first year of biomedicine at Melbourne Uni :) I graduated with a 99.75 ATAR last year as the female Dux of Penleigh and Essendon Grammar school. Feel free to ask any questions about English Language, Math Methods, Chemistry or Chinese! Always happy to help.
I'm Ben and I'm a first year Medicine student at JCU in Townsville with a view to enter immunology in the future. Having moved to TSV, finding stuff outside of class was interesting so I continued to play netball and squash for local clubs and play the oboe.
Ben is a multifaceted man who has interests in many different areas. He is currently studying a double degree in Science and Commerce at Monash University, majoring in Mathematics and Finance. Ben is a musical whiz and loves the sporting arena, especially enjoying singing and playing soccer.
Hi! I'm Clarissa and I major in Literature and International Relations at Monash University. I did English Literature, Business Management, Global Politics, Sociology and Legal Studies in Year 12 and enjoyed high school immensely. I absolutely love teaching and helping the community which is why I decided to join RESN and provide support where I can. I hope to be of some help to you this year!
Hi! I’m Clarissa and I’m in my final year of Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne. I particularly love languages and enjoy teaching maths and sciences too! I currently tutor maths on the side and teach German at a community language school both of which have taught me just how much I love helping others learn. I hope that I can be of some help to you this year and beyond! :)
I am a first year Vice-Chancellor's Scholar at Deakin University, studying a Bachelor of Nursing (Clinical Leadership). I am passionate about science and helping other people, which is why I am both pursuing nursing and volunteering with RESN. I graduated in 2019 with 40+ study scores in English, Further Maths, Health and Human Development, Business Management, Psychology and Biology.
Hi everyone, my name is Harriette and I am currently a second year student studying a double degree of Science and Law at Monash university. I enjoyed all my years at school so much, but that doesn't mean there weren't challenges. I want to help people going through VCE, and make their journey just that little bit more fun by reducing some of the stress that comes with school work!
Hi, I'm Hnin Nadi or Dora. I'm currently in my first year of Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne. Although I followed a different curriculum to VCE in highschool, I look forward to helping students out in what little way I can!
Isabelle completed her VCE in 2017. She is currently studying at Monash University, undertaking a Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine which stems from her keen interest in health and promoting healthy lifestyles. Isabelle also has experience in the tutoring industry as a private tutor and understands many of the difficulties facing current VCE students!
Currently studying law and global studies at Monash and fostering a love for learning and people. I'm attempting to pursue all of life's opportunities, through ventures such as RESN and experiences such as completing the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea.
Jordan is currently studying Biomedicine at Melbourne university and hopes in the future to be involved in the medical field. She completed her high school in 2017 and has been tutoring high school students for a year now. She loves helping younger students learn and improve in their studies.
Jun graduated in 2016 as School Music Captain and a scholar from her high school. She is currently studying Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne, and hopes to pursue psychiatry in the future. With 2 years of experience in VCE English and English Literature tutoring, Jun has continued to foster her love for both subjects by working with secondary students, and enjoys her job immensely.
Hi! I'm Karina I'm doing Business/Marketing at Monash University I like socialising with friends and spending time outside I also play the guitar I am volunteering because I enjoy tutoring and want to help those who don't have access to extensive VCE resources
I am a physiotherapist working in geriatrics. I graduated from the University of Melbourne’s Doctor of Physiotherapy program. My side interests are in classical mythology, literature, history and linguistics.
Krisha completed her VCE in 2017. She loves learning about the human body, and is studying Medicine at Monash University. She is very passionate about Biology and Psychology and is keen to help other students learn!
Lachlan finished VCE in 2016 as his school's Academic Captain and Swimming Captain. His passion for medicine and coinciding interest in research motivated him to study first Biomedicine and now Medicine at the University of Melbourne. Lachlan is the head software engineer for RESN, and he thoroughly enjoys the opportunity to share his knowledge of maths and science.
Lachie completed the IB in 2018 as the School Captain of his school. He is currently studying Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne with a keen interest in neuroscience. With medicine on the horizon for him, he loves helping others especially when it comes to Chemistry and Maths. Lachie loves the outdoors, so if he's not tutoring or studying, you'll probably find him hiking or skiing!
Hello, I'm Laura. I'm studying a bachelor in Arts/Law at university. I love writing, reading, literature, poetry, and politics, and am always up for involved conversations on any related topics. I signed up to volunteer for RESN because I really enjoy teaching and helping others with their study, and additionally because I believe tutoring and education should be accessible and equitable.
I am in my final year of Arts/Law at Monash and very much looking forward to graduating! I am originally from north west Victoria so am passionate about helping other country kids achieve their best results. Outside of uni I like playing netball and am a keen swimmer.
Leila is a second-year Law/Arts student at the ANU in Canberra, majoring in environmental and Indigenous studies. She is originally from a farm in rural Western Australia and finished high school at boarding school in Perth where she was dux of Biology and Politics & Law and state-ranked English. Leila has tutored in the WACE, VCE and ACT systems, specialising in Maths Methods and Chemistry.
Leon graduated in 2017 as Co-Dux and Badminton Captain of his high school. His passion for science and biology, as well as a desire to enact a positive difference in the lives of others, has led to him to studying medicine at Monash University. He has experience both as a private tutor and a volunteer refugee tutor, and loves helping students further themselves in their education!
Mark completed his VCE as Academic Captain in 2016. To continue his love of biology that sparked and prospered throughout high school, he moved to the University of Melbourne to study Biomedicine. In 2017, he began tutoring maths and science subjects with an enthusiastic desire to help students in their final years. Mark also has a passion for music, with a particular interest in piano and pipe organ.
Megan is currently studying Law/Arts at Monash, and hopes to one day become a lawyer and work in the practice of Indigenous rights. She’s passionate about music as well, having played the cello and piano since a young age. Megan is passionate about equal access to education for all students, and has been tutoring since January 2017. Amongst her VCE subjects, she received high scores in English, Legal Studies, Health and Human Development and History (Revolutions).
Michelle graduated in 2016 as a College Prefect and Co-Dux of her high school, and is currently studying Medicine at Monash University. Underpinning a fascination for science, the human body and how things work is her passion for each individual’s life and story, and the desire to contribute and aid others along their journey. She has tutored English since 2017, and is passionate about nurturing and developing each student’s confidence in their ideas and abilities to achieve their best.
Mike graduated in 2019 and is studying a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Economics. He led and assisted his peers throughout the year by running legal studies and economics lectures, and was Dux of Commerce. Outside of the classroom, Mike plays hockey and watches the footy. He wants to assist students in rural areas and give them the same opportunities as students in the city.
First-year medical student at the University of Melbourne; I graduated from a Bachelor of Biomedicine last year and completed my VCE in Ballarat. Coming from a rural background, I understand how difficult it is to obtain some extra help. I was drawn into RESN as this would have been a platform that I would have loved.
Hey, I'm Mirella and I am currently a student at Monash University studying the Bachelor of Laws/Biomedical Science. In 2019, I received a 50 study score in Literature and 46 in English. I am passionate about books and issues and I fill up my time with reading of all sorts. I love a good debate and above all I am looking forward to helping you delve deep into your ideas and writing!
I am currently a first year student at Monash University studying a Double Bachelor of Commerce and Arts. I am a huge Hallyu fan and love everything Korean! In my spare time I also love to play guitar, cook and sleep.
Piper is currently studying Medicine and Monash University, following a passion for understanding the complexities of human health and helping others. She has been tutoring Health and Human Development and Maths Methods for two years and finds teaching both enriching and enjoyable. She also has a huge passion for sport including Rowing, Soccer and Athletics!
Hi! I'm Ross and I study Science at The University of Melbourne, majoring in Mechatronics Systems. I'm volunteering with RESN as it's a great way for me fulfill my passion for helping others whilst making extra use of the hardwork I've put towards learning over the years.
Sof completed VCE in 2016 as a School Executive Prefect and Debating and Public Speaking Captain. Her curiosity for the legal system and commercial world has compelled her pursuit of Law(Honours)/Commerce at Monash University, making her well-placed to look after the governance and finances of RESN. Having found her leadership experiences extremely rewarding, her mentoring and tutoring endeavors have persisted into university, culminating in a mentoring advisory role to the university itself. Sof also has extensive experience in the industry, tutoring privately and professionally across all her subjects.
Uni completed her VCE in 2016. She finds joy in immersing herself in the intricacies of the human body and psyche, and studying the history of human thought whilst studying Medicine and Philosophy at Monash University. She is passionate about equitable access to education for all, and strives to help each student to hone their strengths, push their boundaries and reach their fullest potential.
Currently on exchange in the USA but pursuing a BCOM degree at the University of Melbourne back home (Eco/Finance). Like basketball, listening to music, running, surfing, reading and playing the guitar :)
Hi! My name is Vinhara and I live and study in Canberra but I grew up and went to school in Melbourne. I am in my second year of uni and I have a lot of experience working and tutoring in schools as well as private tutoring. I am a huge believer in good study habits and will always push and challenge you to reach your true potential!
Xenia completed VCE in 2018 and is studying a Bachelor of Arts at Monash, majoring in journalism. Her experience as a first-generation immigrant and a student at an underrepresented school made her a strong advocate for equitable education. By sharing stories and ensuring people's are voices heard, she wants to see a world where every opportunity is accessible, no matter where you live.