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At RESN, safety is our number one priority.

Please note that as a minimum requirement, we require all tutors and all other members of RESN to have a valid Working With Children's Check (WWCC) which may be sighted upon request.

This document outlines how our processes work and the safety measures we have undertaken so that any school, parent or student can understand exactly how their information is used and be reassured that all students are engaging in a safe educational environment.

The Process

To ask a question or send in an essay, students must visit our app and create an account. Students can then log into their personal Student Portal and ask a question.

Creating an Account

Students create an account on our website. We ask students for their name, email address (used for communicating responses), school, town (to help verify regional/rural status) and how they heard about us. Upon signing up, students receive a personal login.

Only members of the RESN Leadership Team have access to this information. We share with tutors only the student's first name and their question. Tutors do not have access to the student's email address nor any other identifying information.

Student Portal

Students may then login to their personal Student Portal. Here, they can ask a question by indicating the relevant subject and typing out their question. Students have the option to attach an essay or other supporting documents (such as an image of the question). The content of these attachments is closely monitored by the RESN Leadership Team for appropriateness. The student then submits their question.

Tutor Portal

When a question about a particular subject is submitted, only tutors with a valid WCCC and clearance to tutor that subject have access to the question - no other tutors are able to see the question nor submit a response. Tutors able to access the question will see the student's first name (this is to create a more personal feel between the student and the tutor), the time the question was asked, the subject and question itself, as well as any attached documents.

Tutors have no means to access any other information about the student.

The tutor simply types a response and may also add an attachment, such as a handwritten worked solution, to support their response. All attachments are stored on our Google Drive and monitored by the RESN Leadership Team. They can only be accessed by the individual student who asked the question. Once the tutor submits their response, the student may access this response in their Student Portal. The response is also sent as an automated email to the student's email address. The question becomes hidden from all tutors once a response has been completed.

Since we use an automated Portal and email system, tutors do not need, and therefore do not have, access to the student's email address. This ensures they have no way to contact the student outside of the closely monitored Portal. The RESN Leadership Team will be continuously monitoring the quality of responses and ensuring that any question or response is written appropriately.

Follow-Up Questions

If a student would like to ask a follow-up question to a tutor's response, they are able to do so on the Student Portal. They simply submit the question using the 'Ask a follow-up question' button and follow the same process as above.


As mentioned above, all tutors are required to have a valid Working With Children Check (WWCC). Each tutor must apply through an in-built form on our website. When considering a tutor's application, we take into account their VCE/HSC/IB study scores and previous tutoring experience. The responses of new tutors are closely monitored by the RESN Leadership Team for quality and appropriateness.

We closely monitor questions answered by tutors for quality and appropriateness.

Please note that tutors are given no contact details for any student (not even an email address). The only contact a tutor has with a student is through their response on the Portal which is closely monitored by the RESN Leadership Team. Tutors have no means by which to contact a student after they have responded to a student's question.