RESN Quizzes & Wiki Have Launched

5 months ago

RESN is excited to announce that our Quizzes and Wiki have launched!

Our online tutoring service has expanded to deliver three services to cater for three different learning styles.
Whether you have specific questions, you want to practice applying your skills, or you want to gain a more in-depth understanding of a topic – we have you covered.


RESN Help is our existing question-and-answer service.

RESN Quizzes is a database full of exam-style questions that helps to bridge the gap in resources available to regional and rural students. You can upload answers to the questions, and you’ll receive model answers right away. After marking your answers yourself, you'll have the option of receiving further feedback from a tutor should you require it.

RESN Wiki is designed to provide you with specific information relating to each subject. In these regularly-updated blogs and pages, you will find information based on frequently asked questions from students. You'll also have access to our tutors' best tips and tricks and general information about how to get through Year 11/12, university courses, and careers.

Available to all regional and rural students - login to the RESN Web App and try our resources today!

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