How to Prepare for University

3 months ago

The Summer holidays are slowly coming to an end and what had seemed to be a million years away is right around the corner: university! For some, this is an exciting time of change and taking that next step towards a career; while for others, this next big step evokes feelings that would rather see you curled up under the covers dreading what is to come (cue foetus position).

Fortunately, us here at RESN have been there (both excited and in foetus position) and we pulled together 5 handy tips to help you feel more prepared for the year ahead!

1. Get familiar with what you’ll be learning in each of your subjects

Each subject will have a guide that outlines an overview of what the subject is about, the learning outcomes that will be achieved by the end of the semester, the workload requirements and even the assessments that you will have to undertake.

Getting familiar with these guides before classes begin will help you feel more prepared and confident for the semester ahead. Check out your university portal for this info and don’t be afraid to chuck your professor an email if you have any questions.

2. Plan your commute

Whether you’re fortunate enough to live close to your uni campus or not, we highly recommend planning your commute before your first day. There is nothing more stressful than not knowing how to get there, and having your whole class stare at you when you walk in 20 minutes late (trust me, it’s the WORST). If you plan to drive, keep in mind potential traffic hold-ups and the most reliable parking spaces; if you cycle, learn where the closest bike lock up is; and if you’re catching PT, keep in mind alternative routes in case those inevitable delays hold you up when you’re supposed to be giving an oral presentation at 9:30am!

And don’t forget to get your tertiary ID and take advantage of that concession fare!

3. Attend O’Week Activities

Free food anyone?! Orientation Week (aka O’Week) gives you a taste of uni life before classes formally begin. It’s a great opportunity to explore the campus, find your classes and meet new people, especially if you’re the only one from high school attending your chosen uni. One of the best ways to do this is to join a club or society! Whether it be a sports club like soccer, or something more social like a boardgames society, there is bound to be something that sparks your interest where you can get involved and meet other like-minded people.

From barbeques to pub crawls, to campus tours and information sessions, O’Week has all the events to get you excited and prepared for the year ahead! (But seriously, if not for the clubs, go for the food).

4. Set a routine

Now I’m sure you’re tired of hearing your teachers say that uni isn’t like high school, but they’re right, it isn’t. There is no longer the everyday routine that school provides, and instead, it is up to you to be organised and ensure your maintaining the ever so important work-life balance. Finding a balance between your studies, work, exercise and social activities can be a struggle, but the earlier you do it the easier it will be to prevent missed deadlines and eventual burnout. Get a diary or download an app to stay on top of your activities, and above all else, don’t underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep!

5. Download helpful resources

When all else fails, technology comes to the rescue! When finding classes begins to feel like you’re trapped in a maze, Lost On Campus will be your best friend. Student VIP is also another great resource to find second-hand textbooks, or even help connect you to a tutor for those subjects where you need the extra support. Whatever the issue is, there are plenty of apps and resources out there to help make your transition to university that little bit easier.

It’s okay if you are feeling overwhelmed, but hopefully with these tips from us at RESN you’re now feeling more prepared and excited to begin the next step in what will be some of the best years ahead!

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